Holistic marketing and messaging services for Bystolic

Bystolic Case Study


Bystolic connected with Gibson Group looking for assistance creating a holistic marketing strategy for Bystolic, the 17th beta blocker planned to enter the Canadian drug market.

The proposal included engaging with KOLs to create educational content, developing comprehensive sales tools, navigating PAAB requirements for all marketing materials, and facilitating turn-key conference management solutions for the brand.

The client’s goals for the project included:

  • Improving Canadian healthcare provider awareness of the benefits of prescribing Bystolic over other beta blockers
  • Creating a PAAB approved tag line that highlighted the unique MOA of the medication


From the initial planning to implementation over a multiple year partnership, our team was able to provide the following solutions to meet the client’s goals:

  • Connected with and engaged key opinion leaders (KOLs) across Canada to create brand awareness marketing materials that positioned Bystolic as a unique and beneficial beta blocker in the already saturated market.
  • Created compelling and targeted educational tools for sales reps to use when engaging with HCPs at conferences to enhance brand awareness and improve prescribing rates.
  • Developed conference-specific materials for sales reps (including take-home resources) to act as talking points when the brand attended key cardiology events across Canada.
  • Facilitated the PAAB approval of key messaging tag line, “The only cardiovascular and vasodilating beta blocker” for use on all HCP educational materials to highlight the unique MOA benefits of the medication on every page of the resource.


By working with the Gibson Group, Bystolic:

  • Experienced a significant PAAB win by being able to use the tag line, “the only cardiovascular and vasodilating beta blocker” which allowed for additional MOA info on every page.
  • Received high-quality HCP education tools and bespoke conference resources that improved brand awareness and sales across Canada.



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