Corporate name, logo, and website rebranding for a new product launch for Lucky Iron Life

Lucky Iron Life Case Study


Lucky Iron Life (previously Lucky Iron Fish) connected with Gibson Group to collaborate on a complete corporate rebrand. The goal of this project was to create a new look and feel to their ecommerce business in anticipation of a new product launch they were developing for 2024.

The proposal included the creation of a corporate positioning strategy, logo and brand colour palette reimagination, product marketing, and complete website redesign.

The client’s goals for the project included:

  • Refresh the company’s branding foundation and improve the user experience for their target audience including consumers, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and healthcare professionals
  • Build a deeper understanding of the company’s persona to revamp the colour palette, corporate name, and logo
  • Revise corporate materials to reflect the new company persona and branding


For this client, Gibson Group worked on a tight-turnaround schedule to create the needed rebrand assets, including the updated brand name, logo, and website design.

From idea conception to implementation, we developed the following solutions to meet our client’s goals:

  • Created a data-backed corporate brand positioning strategy, including analysis of new target personas, consumer research, and competitor analysis to better market this brand as an expert in their niche industry.
  • Refreshed the company name and logo based on consumer feedback and impressions to better speak to upcoming product launches and brand personality.
  • Redesigned the company’s website, including updating the content layout, copy, colour palette, and overall design to highlight branding changes. Additionally, we created a new website map to enhance the consumer purchasing experience further brand this company as a leader in its chosen niche.
  • Facilitated the collection of in-depth user insights to improve company marketing, including the creation of multiple corporate colour scheme options based on consumer, healthcare provider, and NGO research.
  • Shared a digital content marketing plan, including awareness and sales-based campaigns to further highlight the benefits of this company’s products through targeted advertisements and social media content.


By working with the Gibson Group, Lucky Iron Life:

  • Received a brand new peer-tested company logo and branding designed to better align with their target audience
  • Detailed branding research and data from each unique brand persona
  • A fully-developed rebranded website, delivered on time that exceeded client expectations



By Joe Cansino | December 21, 2023

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