Healthcare professional awareness campaign for Voltaren

Voltaren Case Study


Through a long-term working relationship with Novartis Consumer Health, Gibson Group collaborated with their team to assist with the launch of their topical diclofenac product (Voltaren) to the Canadian market.

As a well-known oral medication that has been on the market for decades, the challenge of this project was to educate healthcare professionals about the benefits of the topical form. The proposal included a full strategic awareness marketing campaign, creating original educational materials, and working closely with other PR agencies to align on core messaging.

The client’s goals for the project included:

  • Improving Canadian healthcare provider awareness of the efficacy and safety benefits of topical diclofenac, the active ingredient in Voltaren
  • Creating compelling creative and educational resources for use by sales representatives and brand specialists


During our working relationship, our team was able to provide the following solutions to meet the client’s goals:

  • Created healthcare professional focused marketing materials positioning Voltaren as a brand hero to highlight the efficacy and safety information to draw attention to the benefits of this product and increase HCP recommendation rates.
  • Facilitated significant HCP education about the benefits of recommending Voltaren by creating detailed mailers and educational resources for use during conference pitches and in-office meetings.
  • Collaborated with other Voltaren consumer and PR agencies to create marketing materials that were consistent with global key messaging and could be used for multiple purposes.


By working with the Gibson Group, Voltaren:

  • Received high-quality HCP educational mailers and resources that improved sales and interest in Voltaren across Canada.
  • Experienced significant brand awareness growth that exceed expectations within the first year.



By Joe Cansino | December 21, 2023

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