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Partnering with the Gibson Group means working with our amazing team of strategists, designers, writers, and account service representatives.

NEW Allison

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“A true partnership starts and ends with my clients. A trusting, respectful partnership rooted in collaboration helps me gain the insight we need to produce the very best results for our clients.”

Allison Boyd,

The people behind the Gibson Group

At the Gibson Group our most important asset is our people. Our talented, diverse team has one goal, to work together to deliver measurable results for your brand.

account services

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Julia Charendoff, Office Manager

NEW Jill Portrait

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Jill Dennis, Account Manager


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Pauline Edwards, Account Manager

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Peter Stears, Account Manager

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Ferial Tan, Account Manager

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Noelle Velarde, Account Manager

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Cindy Whitfield, Account Director

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Asta Bukinina, Accounting


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Anthony Lucifora, Director of Digital Strategy

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Matthew Proborszcz, Digital Co-ordinator

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Tim Molloy, Account Manager

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Ali Iwai, Account Coordinator

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Jasmeen Sagotra, Digital Marketing Specialist

creative services


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Brian Britt, SR. Designer

Emma_Portrait 2021

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Emma Bulger, Designer

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Joe Cansino, Art Director

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Frank Lum, Production Manager

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Gord Schwab, Creative Director

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Nora Smith, Medical Writer

Talented, driven and dedicated, the Gibson Group “can do” Team is known for partnering with their clients to deliver to outstanding, results-oriented campaigns.

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